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Diesel Injection Repairs

Save 30% or more

Has your vehicle’s fuel consumption increased while power decreased? The repair cost of all injectors, particularly common rail injectors, is considerably lower than replacement.

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Diesel Injector Replacement Workshop

We have a 1000m² vehicle workshop where our qualified diesel mechanics diagnose, remove and refurbish injectors for our clients’ vehicles. JEG Diesel is equipped with the latest Bosch Diesel diagnostic software, injection testing and calibration equipment.

This allows us to service diesel injectors for a very reasonable rate at manufacturers standards.

Symptoms of faulty injectors

• Excessive white, grey or blue exhaust smoke
• Vehicle feels underpowered
• Trouble starting – The vehicle takes longer to start and has a rough idle
• An increase in fuel consumption

How do I get my injectors tested and refurbished?

1. Call 021 511 9197

Ask to speak to an injection specialist.

2. Courier

Drop off or visit our premises.

3. Inspection

We follow the testing and inspection process.

4. Quotation

We give feedback and quote on necessary work

5. Refurbishment

Original parts are ordered and components are refurbished to OEM standards.

6. Collection

You pick up your refurbished injector.

Diesel injector service for

jeep 4x4 on dirt road

Passenger Vehicles

trucks fleet

Trucks / Fleets

motor grader

Construction / Agri

boat by dock

Marine Diesel Engines

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