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Petrol Injector Cleaning and Testing

J.E.G. Diesel offers expert petrol injector cleaning and testing in the Western Cape.

Routine testing and cleaning of fuel injectors improves vehicle performance, prolongs engine life and protects against costly damage.

Our Bosch-trained technicians have been specialising in fuel injection systems since 1971.

Using specialised diagnostic equipment and advanced injector cleaning processes, we can ensure optimal performance of your vehicle’s petrol fuel supply system – at the lowest, possible cost.

Contact us for cost-effective petrol injector cleaning and testing, or to discuss any other issues with your vehicle’s fuel supply system.

Why is petrol injector cleaning important?

Faulty or clogged petrol injectors can compromise performance and cause costly engine damage.

Ultimately, they can lead to engine failure.

Routine petrol injector cleaning and testing is much less expensive than repairing or replacing parts. It also reduces wear and tear on the engine and helps ensure optimal performance.

What are signs of blocked petrol injectors?

Some common signs of blocked or faulty petrol injectors are:

  • difficulty starting
  • uneven acceleration
  • increased fuel consumption
  • surging or bucking
  • engine knocking.

Why is professional petrol injector cleaning and testing recommended?

DIY injector cleaning often isn’t effective at removing blockages – and you won’t necessarily know that the blockages are still there.

Using a DIY fuel system cleaner also won’t uncover possible problems like:

  • fuel injectors with faulty spray patterns
  • weak petrol flow rate
  • cracked or leaking fuel injectors
  • faults with other fuel supply system components.

If you suspect clogged injectors – and after driving a vehicle for 3 years or about 70,000 km – it’s best to have a professional test your petrol injectors using proper diagnostic systems.

A professional can identify and safely remove any dirt build-ups or blockages, and then test again for optimal fuel supply.

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