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Jeep Diesel Injectors

Why refurbish your Jeep’s diesel injectors with J.E.G. Diesel?
  • our company has nearly 50 years of experience with Jeep diesel injector refurbishment
  • we provide a warranty with each refurbished Jeep injector
  • all work is done to OEM standards by Bosch-certified fuel injection technicians
  • we restore Jeep injectors to as new condition, for much less than the cost of replacing the parts.

Jeep diesel injectors are manufactured to be refurbished. This restores their original performance, for much less than the cost of buying new injectors. Regular injector servicing can also prevent engine damage.

However, beware of overly cheap parts and work. At J.E.G. Diesel, our stringent Jeep injector reconditioning process and high-quality parts ensure optimal results.

About Jeep diesel injectors

Did you know Jeep diesel injectors are designed to be refurbished?

Jeep diesel injectors are made with the expectation that they’ll be refurbished after a certain mileage. Expert reconditioning restores Jeep injectors to their original condition and performance, significantly extending their life span.

This protects against Jeep fuel supply problems that could result in engine damage. It’s also much cheaper than replacing the injectors.

What does Jeep injector reconditioning involve?

Our process goes well beyond simply performing Jeep fuel injector repairs. Instead, our fuel injection technicians perform expert diagnosis and testing. Informed by the results and following a strict process, they then rebuild Jeep injectors to the original OEM standards.

Jeep injector servicing and repairs are followed by testing, to ensure the injectors meet stringent performance requirements.

What are common Jeep diesel injector problems?

After a certain mileage, Jeep diesel injectors will need to be professionally serviced to continue performing optimally. They may also need earlier reconditioning due to blockage or sticking caused by fuel contamination.

All Jeep injectors – for instance, Jeep Grand Cherokee, Jeep Liberty and Jeep Wrangler fuel injectors – are vulnerable to similar issues. For example, they’re susceptible to clogging due to even very small amounts of fuel contamination.

Some signs of Jeep diesel injector problems include:

  • warning lights on your dashboard
  • rough or uneven idling
  • bucking and backfiring
  • sudden power surges while you’re driving
  • unexpected engine stalling, for example when switching gears
  • a visible leak or a strong diesel or oil smell
  • poor performance when driving off-road.

It’s vital to keep Jeep injectors in good repair to prevent fuel supply problems, which can otherwise cause catastrophic engine failure. For the same reason, never keep driving a Jeep with a bad fuel injector.

How do you clean Jeep diesel injectors?

Although DIY may look easy in online videos, it’s not recommended that you try to remove or clean Jeep diesel injectors on your own.

A qualified technician will be able to remove the injectors safely and to assess the fuel injection problem affecting your vehicle. Then the injectors can be appropriately serviced, repaired or refurbished, as necessary.

Jeep Wrangler fuel injector problems/Jeep Cherokee fuel injector replacement – what are my options?

Rather than assuming diesel injectors have to be replaced – or trusting to a non-specialist general mechanic – consult a specialist diesel injector refurbishment and repair centre, like J.E.G. Diesel.

A properly qualified fuel injection technician will be able to assess the real nature and scope of the problem, and advise you accordingly.

This may save you unnecessary injector replacement costs. More importantly, it can protect against serious fuel supply issues, which may damage your Jeep’s engine or even cause catastrophic engine failure.

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