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Volkswagen Diesel Injectors

Why refurbish your Volkswagen diesel injectors with J.E.G. Diesel?
  • we’ve been repairing, servicing and refurbishing Volkswagen diesel injectors since opening our business in 1971
  • our services are backed by Bosch technology, and all our technicians are Bosch-certified
  • all services and repairs come with a warranty
  • we restore Volkswagen injectors to as new condition, for much less than the cost of replacing the parts.

Most VW diesel injectors can be repaired. Refurbishing restores their original performance, at a fraction of the cost of replacing the parts. Regular injector servicing can also prevent engine damage.

However, beware of low-quality parts and work. At J.E.G. Diesel, our stringent Volkswagen injector reconditioning process, high-quality parts and expert technicians ensure optimal results.

Whether you have a personal vehicle or own and manage a fleet, we can take care of all your Volkswagen diesel injector services and repairs.

About Volkswagen diesel injectors

What are the most common Volkswagen diesel injector problems?

There are a number of causes for VW diesel injector failure, so it’s important to let an expert run a full diagnostic test.

Be sure to mention any of these common problems to your VW diesel mechanic:

  • diesel odours
  • visible oil or fuel leaks
  • an increase in regular fuel consumption
  • struggling to start your car, particularly on colder days
  • flat spots or loss of power when idling or accelerating
  • visible black or white smoke when starting your engine

How can I prevent Volkswagen diesel injectors problems?

General wear and tear and poor maintenance are the most common causes of Volkswagen fuel injector problems. Diesel injectors are often neglected during services and vehicle maintenance. This is eventually leads to build-up and failure, and it can cause permanent engine damage.

The only way to avoid this is by having your diesel injectors cleaned and refurbished by a professional on a regular basis. Services should always include changing of fuel filters when necessary.

This will ensure the longevity of parts, and you’re less likely to experience related engine problems.

What will Volkswagen diesel injector repairs cost?

This varies greatly, depending on the make of your vehicle, its warranty, as well as the scope of damage.

Whether you drive a Volkswagen Amarok or a diesel Polo, the purpose and frequency of use will also influence how often you should service and refurbish its parts.

For example, you will have to budget more for a fleet of VW bakkies used for off-road driving than you would for a personal family vehicle such as the Volkswagen Tiguan.

A good diesel injection repair centre will always give you a proper breakdown of repair costs before proceeding with work.

How do we repair and refurbish Volkswagen diesel injectors at J.E.G. Diesel?

First, our expert technicians run complete diagnostic tests. This helps us to determine the route to follow during the reconditioning process.

Next, we clean and restore injectors to their original condition, per OEM standards. We use top-quality replacement parts, and tried and trusted cleaning products.

Finally, before we return your vehicle or its parts, the injectors undergo a series of stringent tests to ensure they are performing optimally.

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