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Specialized Diesel Workshop

Our diesel workshop specialises in diesel fuel injection repairs and maintenance. The workshop is equipped with the newest Bosch diesel diagnostic equipment and qualified diesel technicians to ensure a professional service.

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Diesel vehicle repairs

J.E.G. Diesel prides itself by owning only Bosch equipment, which is audited by Bosch trained personnel.

Our qualified mechanics and technicians use this equipment to remove and refit pumps, injectors, turbocharges and reset timing on vehicles.

Our current equipment includes the following:

  • 2 x Bosch EPS 815 Test Bench.
  • Bosch High Pressure kit for Piezo Injectors. (2200 Bar)
  • Bosch Common Rail Injector kit for Injectors below. (1800 Bar)
  • Bosch VP rotary pump kit.
  • Bosch Common Rail High Pressure Pump kit.
  • 3rd party Pumps and Injectors.
  • Bosch Cam box and attachments for Unit Pumps.
  • Bosch Cam box for Bosch unit injectors.
  • Bosch EPS 615 Test Bench.
  • Bosch EPS 515 Test Bench.
  • Bosch Injector Tester. (x 2)
  • Bosch KTS 500 Diagnostic Equipment. (x 2)
  • Hyper powered Dynometer.
  • Bosch FSA 720 Diagnostic Equipment.
  • Bosch Gas Analyser.
  • Hartridge Test Bench.
Diesel vehicles we specialize in

Passenger Vehicles

Trucks / Fleets

Construction / Agri

Marine Diesel Engines

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