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Nissan Diesel Injectors, Pumps and Turbochargers

Why refurbish your Nissan diesel injector with JEG?
  • we specialise in Nissan injector repairs
  • all our fuel technicians are Bosch-certified and build injectors to OEM standards
  • we provide a warranty with each refurbished Nissan injector
  • we conduct expert diagnosis and comprehensive testing on your diesel Nissan.
About Nissan diesel injectors

Did you know Nissan diesel injectors are designed to be reconditioned?

Nissan diesel injectors are intended to be serviced at regular intervals, and are designed to be reconditioned. Refurbishing Nissan injectors is much cheaper than having to replace parts.

What are common Nissan diesel injector problems?

Diesel injector failure in Nissan vehicles can occur for a number of reasons.

In Nissan models with the newer, common rail diesel (CRD) engines, fuel is injected under very high pressure, as a fine spray. This results in better fuel efficiency and reduced emissions. Unfortunately, it also means that newer Nissan diesel fuel injectors have very fine tolerances.

For example, Nissan Navara injectors are prone to blockage due to even very small amounts of contaminant (including water) in fuel.

The Nissan NP200 and Nissan NP300 fuel injectors are also prone to the problems associated with CRD injection systems, and should be checked and serviced regularly.

Some of the possible signs of Nissan diesel injector problems are excessive black smoke, jerking and injector rattling.

How often should Nissan diesel injectors be serviced or replaced?

Dirty injectors lead to poor fuel efficiency and overall performance. Eventually, they can disrupt fuel supply and result in catastrophic engine failure.

Nissan diesel injectors are highly likely to fail and require replacement once vehicles reach mileages of 200,000 km or more, but can present problems earlier too.

Why is my Nissan Navara blowing black smoke?

A Nissan Navara may blow black smoke for a number of reasons, ranging from a faulty sensor or dirty filters to turbo overboosting or worn injectors.

Nissan Navara fuel injectors also have high flow rates, which can quickly amplify problems elsewhere in the fuel system. If your Nissan Navara is blowing black smoke, it’s best to have it assessed by a qualified diesel mechanic.

Why does my Nissan jerk when I accelerate?

In any diesel Nissan model, a jarring or jerky feel during acceleration might point to injector failure or a build-up of water or debris in the diesel injection system. This should be addressed promptly in case of engine failure.

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