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Toyota Diesel Injector Repairs & Reconditioning

Why consider Toyota injector reconditioning with J.E.G. Diesel?
  • we specialise in Toyota injector repairs and reconditioning
  • our company has nearly 50 years of experience with Toyota diesel injector refurbishment
  • we provide a warranty with every refurbished Toyota injector
  • we rebuild Toyota diesel injectors to OEM standards in-house (much cheaper than replacing injectors)
  • ours is the only diesel centre in the Western Cape with a specialised Bosch 815 test bench for piezo injector testing; ideal for Toyota D4D injectors.

Don’t risk overly cheap parts and work. At J.E.G. Diesel, we maintain the highest standards. Our Bosch-certified technicians perform expert diagnosis, servicing, repairs and testing of all Toyota diesel injector fuel systems.

About Toyota diesel injectors

Can Toyota diesel injectors be repaired?

Toyota diesel injectors are made with the expectation that they’ll be refurbished after a certain mileage. This is much cheaper than replacing injectors. Regular Toyota injector servicing also protects against possible engine damage.

What is a Toyota D-4D engine?

In Toyota diesel models, D-4D stands for Direct Injection 4 Cylinder Common Rail Diesel Engine. This type of diesel engine injects fuel into the engine as a fine mist, under high pressure. It offers better fuel efficiency and lower emissions than a petrol engine.

D-4D engines are famous for reaching very high mileage with no issues.

What are common Toyota D-4D diesel injector problems?

After a certain mileage, Toyota D-4D diesel injectors – or common rail injectors – will eventually fail  and have to be reconditioned or replaced. The average life span of Toyota diesel injectors is 8 to 10 years, or between 180 and 230 kilometres.

Toyota injectors can also fail prematurely, even at low mileages, due to blockage, sticking or fuel contamination.

It’s vital to keep Toyota injectors in good repair. If an injector fails, it will interfere with fuel supply. This can lead to catastrophic engine failure and very high engine rebuild costs.

In newer common rail diesel engines, like the Toyota D-4D, engine modifications designed to reduce sulphur emissions have resulted in diesel injectors with extremely fine tolerances.

Toyota Hilux, Prado and Fortuner injectors depend on near-perfect filtration and lubrication. They’re subject to very high pressure and are easily blocked by small amounts of contaminant or water in fuel.

Internal seal failures are also a common Toyota D-4D injector problem.

At J.E.G. Diesel, we offer expert Toyota Fortuner and Toyota Hilux diesel injector reconditioning. We can also replace Toyota injectors, expertly and at a reasonable price.

What causes rattling or misfiring of a Toyota Hilux, Prado or Fortuner fuel injector?

A rattling or knocking noise from a Toyota Hilux/Prado or Fortuner injector is a sign that the injector is failing.

Possible causes of Toyota Hilux/Prado and Fortuner fuel injector problems include lack of lubrication, fuel contamination or internal seal failure.

Don’t ignore this noise when you hear it because fuel supply problems can lead to catastrophic engine failure.

Why does my Toyota Hilux/Prado or Toyota Fortuner blow white smoke?

A Toyota Hilux/Prado or Fortuner engine might blow white smoke for a number of reasons. Sometimes this is simply because you started a diesel engine at a low temperature.

More serious causes include internal diesel injector leakage, damage to the seals of the combustion chamber or coolant leakage. To determine the cause, have your vehicle professionally evaluated.

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