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Ford Diesel Injectors

Why refurbish Ford diesel injectors with JEG Diesel?
  • decades of experience – we’ve been repairing Ford diesel injectors since 1971
  • expert Ford injector servicing, testing and repairs by Bosch-certified technicians
  • rebuilding of Ford injectors to OEM standards
  • a service warranty with each refurbished Ford diesel injector
  • free collection and delivery of Ford diesel parts in the Western Cape.
About Ford diesel injectors

What are the most common reasons for Ford diesel injector failure?

The role of a diesel injector is to drive diesel into the cylinder, where it’s ignited to give your vehicle power.

There are a number of possible reasons for injector failure. It’s best to let an expert diesel mechanic identify the cause of Ford diesel injector problems.

Mechanical wear and tear is a regular issue. As your Ford diesel vehicle gets older, the diesel injectors may block up or degrade.

Ford Ranger bakkie engines, for example, depend on adequate oil cooling to function. To prevent oil from not cooling properly, you need to have the oil changed regularly, inspect the fuel filter and have your oil cooler checked.

To avoid engine failure, keep your diesel injectors in top shape with regular servicing. Your diesel injection specialist can recommend how often your Ford diesel injector refurbishment should be done.

What causes build-up in a Ford diesel injector?

Carbon build-up is to blame for the black smoke that diesel engines are often associated with. It’s a more common problem in diesel vehicles than petrol ones.

Depending on the type of injection system on your vehicle, a specially-formulated detergent can be used to clean carbon build-up on the injector.

This is a job best left to a diesel mechanic, as an incorrect detergent can actually damage your injection system.

Why is my Ford Ranger's fuel consumption heavier than usual?

Ford Ranger owners sometimes experience a loss of power when accelerating their vehicles. This usually happens with older vehicles, and it has an effect on overall fuel economy.

The reason is often dirt-clogged injectors that can’t function as they should.

Oil leaks, fuel odours, and a sudden loss in power combined with heavier fuel consumption may be a sign that your diesel injector is faulty.

Is my Ford diesel injector still under warranty?

Depending on the make, model and retailer, most Ford vehicles have a warranty of 5 years or 160 000 km (whichever comes first) on diesel injection components.

To keep your warranty valid, it’s essential to service your vehicle according to Ford’s requirements, and to repair diesel injectors at an accredited injection specialist.

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