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Landrover Diesel Injectors

Why refurbish your Landrover’s diesel injectors with J.E.G. Diesel?
  • our company has been specialising in Landrover diesel injector refurbishment since 1971
  • all Landrover fuel injector repairs are handled by Bosch-certified fuel injection technicians
  • we provide a warranty with each refurbished Landrover injector
  • we restore Landrover injectors to as new condition, for much less than the cost of replacing the parts.

Landrover diesel injectors are made to be refurbished. This restores their original performance and significantly extends their lifespan. It can also prevent engine damage.

Landrover injector overhauls depend on a high level of expertise, and are best left to fuel injection specialists. At J.E.G. Diesel, our stringent Landrover injector reconditioning process and high-quality parts ensure optimal results.

About Landrover diesel injectors

Did you know Landrover diesel injectors are designed to be refurbished?

Landrover diesel injectors are manufactured with the expectation that they’ll be reconditioned after a certain mileage. Don’t replace them unnecessarily – an overhaul of the injectors may be all that’s needed, and is much cheaper.

With regular servicing, Landy fuel injectors can be expected to last for an average of 8 to 10 years, or from 180,000 to 230,000 kilometres.

However, beware of cheap work and parts, which can compromise fuel system performance.

How often must Landrover fuel injectors be serviced?

Landrover injector cleaning and servicing is recommended after about every 20,000 kilometres. This can extend the life of the injectors. It also helps ensure that any fuel supply issues are picked up and fixed before they can cause engine damage.

Refurbishment or replacement may be necessary after 80,000 to 100,000 kilometres, depending on the Landrover model and its use.

What does Landrover injector reconditioning involve?

Our expert fuel injection technicians conduct comprehensive diagnostic and testing processes.

The findings inform our stringent Landrover injection reconditioning process, during which injectors are restored to their original condition, per OEM standards. We use only top-quality replacement parts during this process.

Finally, the injectors undergo further testing to ensure they are performing optimally.

What are common Landrover diesel injector problems?

Some signs of Landrover fuel injector problems are:

  • stalling straight after starting
  • sluggish acceleration
  • misfires
  • the check engine light coming on
  • knocking or rough vibration.

Landrover fuel injectors should be serviced periodically. They will also have to be professionally refurbished after a certain mileage to continue functioning optimally.

Like all diesel fuel injectors, Landrover injectors are vulnerable to clogging or seizing due to fuel contamination.

It’s vital to keep injectors in good nick to prevent fuel supply problems. Bad fuel injectors on a Landrover can lead to engine damage or even catastrophic engine failure.

An iCarsoft computer reports a cylinder issue on my Land Rover Discovery 3. What does this mean?

Faulty cylinder reports on a diagnostic computer can indicate Landrover diesel injector seizure.

Sometimes the problem can be solved with simple repairs or even diesel injector cleaning. A diesel technician will be able to advise you on the best approach.

How do you replace fuel injectors in a Landrover?

It’s not recommended that you try to remove, clean or replace Landrover fuel injectors on your own.

We also don’t recommend leaving Landrover injector issues (or Landrover injector overhauls) to a non-specialist auto repairs or servicing centre.

Landrover fuel systems are sensitive and complex, and it’s easy to misdiagnose the causes of fuel supply problems.

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