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Mercedes Diesel Injectors

Why use JEG Diesel for Mercedes diesel injector repairs and refurbishment?
  • we’ve been servicing Mercedes diesel injectors since opening our doors in 1971
  • all our technicians are Bosch-certified
  • our team rebuilds Mercedes injectors to OEM standards
  • we provide a warranty with each refurbished Mercedes diesel injector
  • we offer free collection and delivery of Mercedes diesel parts in the Western Cape.
About Mercedes diesel injectors

What are the most common Mercedes diesel injector problems?

Mercedes diesel injector issues may occur over time with normal wear and tear.

There are a number of possible causes for Mercedes diesel injector problems. Generally, it’s best to leave the diagnostics process up to a qualified Mercedes diesel injector expert.

These are some of the possible signs of a need for Mercedes diesel injector servicing or refurbishment:

  • increased fuel consumption
  • difficulty starting the engine, particularly on colder days
  • ready cutting off of power when you idle
  • sudden loss of power when accelerating
  • the engine struggling to reach full RPM
  • surging and bucking.

How can I clean my Mercedes diesel injectors?

Diesel injectors are often overlooked during services and vehicle maintenance. This can lead to build-up of contaminants, wear and tear, and malfunctioning of the parts over time.

However it may look on videos you find on the internet, cleaning Mercedes Benz diesel injectors is a job best left to a qualified diesel mechanic. This is because Mercedes fuel injectors are sensitive components.

Any blockage or contamination can lead to a fuel supply problem. In turn, this can damage your vehicle’s engine or even cause catastrophic engine failure.

Depending on the type of injection system on your vehicle, specially formulated detergents may be used to clean carbon buildup on the injector. However, it’s vital to know how to approach cleaning each injector system and model.

What happens when a Mercedes diesel injector fails?

The function of a diesel injector is to deliver a steady stream of diesel to the engine.

A dysfunctional diesel injector may inject too much or too little fuel into the engine’s cylinders, and that is why you will experience a loss of power, idling issues or surging. You may also notice some oil leaks.

If you suspect injector or other fuel supply problems, consult a Mercedes diesel injector repair specialist to avoid permanent engine damage.

How long should my Mercedes diesel injectors last?

Depending on the make and model of your Mercedes vehicle, diesel injectors should continue to function optimally for mileages of between 80 000 to 160 000 km.

This will also depend on how regularly you service the car and change the fuel filters. Maintenance is key in making your car go further.

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