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Isuzu Diesel Injectors

Why refurbish your Isuzu diesel injectors with J.E.G. Diesel?
  • we have nearly 50 years of experience with Isuzu diesel injector refurbishment and servicing
  • each Isuzu diesel injector repair comes with a warranty
  • your refurbishment or servicing will be done by Bosch-certified fuel injection technicians
  • we’ll provide premium care for your Isuzu personal vehicle, or your company fleet

Refurbishing Isuzu diesel injectors costs less than replacing parts completely, and can restore the injectors’ original performance. Regular injector servicing can also improve overall engine performance and life span.

However, ensure that all parts are serviced by certified technicians who use only quality parts. At J.E.G. Diesel, our stringent Isuzu injector reconditioning process ensures optimal results, at a cost-effective price.

About Isuzu diesel injectors

Did you know that refurbishing your Isuzu diesel injectors will be cheaper than replacement?

Rather than assuming diesel injectors have to be replaced, consider refurbishment by a specialist diesel injector refurbishment and repair centre, like J.E.G. Diesel.

Isuzu diesel injectors have to be refurbished at a certain mileage, and the repair cost of injectors are significantly lower than replacement.

Expert reconditioning can significantly extend the lifespan of Isuzu diesel injectors. However, beware of cheap work and parts, which can compromise your vehicle’s fuel system and engine performance.

What does Isuzu injector reconditioning involve?

First, the J.E.G. Diesel team will perform comprehensive diagnosis and testing. Next, the results will be used to determine the Isuzu injection reconditioning process, depending on the identified problems and findings. Top-quality parts and products are then used to restore the injectors to their original condition.

To ensure they are performing optimally, the injectors will undergo one final round of testing to complete the process.

What are common Isuzu diesel injector problems?

Isuzu bakkies are popular for good reason. There’s no arguing that these are great vehicles with quality parts. However, all Isuzu injectors require refurbishment at some point, and whether you own a DMAX, X-rider, Hi-rider, or Isuzu KB250, you need to keep an eye out for tell-tale signs of injector damage.

Some common problems that may be a sign of faulty diesel injectors include:

  • excessive smoke coming from the exhaust
  • poor fuel economy
  • loud engine knocks
  • warning lights on your dashboard
  • power surges and uneven idling
  • failure to reach the vehicle’s maximum revolutions per minute (RPM)
  • fuel leaks and smells

Regular refurbishment and servicing is essential to keep your fuel injectors in top form, and to avoid permanent engine damage.

Will a diesel injector cleaner additive improve the functioning of my Isuzu bakkie?

Injector cleaner additives are readily available, but beware of cheap products that can do more harm than good. Most diesel injectors must be cleaned with brand specific products, and cleaners that contain naphthalene and other damaging ingredients can cause permanent engine damage. Rather consult a specialist diesel technician if you think your diesel injectors will benefit from a cleaner additive.

In addition, your diesel injectors may need more than just a good clean – and a qualified technician will be able to assess the full scope of the problem affecting your vehicle.

How often must Isuzu fuel injectors be serviced?

It’s recommended to check, test and service Isuzu diesel injectors every 20,000 kilometres. Regular servicing and cleaning will ensure longevity of the injectors themselves, and maintain good engine function.

Depending on the Isuzu model and its use, replacement is usually necessary between 80,000 to 100,000 kilometres. When your vehicle reaches this mileage, be sure to have it tested at a specialised diesel injector refurbishment centre. This may prevent catastrophic engine failure and other problems.

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