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EGR Delete/DPF Delete Services

J.E.G. Diesel offers expert exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) removal and DPF removal services in the Western Cape.

EGR and DPF removal can significantly improve diesel engine performance.

It can also protect you from having to spend tens of thousands in repairs or replacement parts. (DPFs are incredibly expensive).

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EGR removal

Exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) removal – also called EGR Delete – involves overriding or removing the EGR.

In a diesel vehicle, the EGR system redirects some exhaust gases back to the engine’s combustion chamber. It’s meant to make vehicle emissions cleaner, by burning them a second time.

Unfortunately, EGR often makes very little difference to emissions. BUT it can have a significant, negative effect on your engine.

Why remove EGR from your diesel vehicle?

Key benefits of EGR removal:

  • boost engine power
  • use up to 20% less fuel
  • protect the engine from damage.

With EGR, hot exhaust gases are channeled back to the combustion chamber. This means less room for new fuel and oxygen. The result is less engine power.

EGR also increases engine temperature and can clog up the diesel intake system with soot. This can cause engine damage.

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DPF removal

A DPF Delete process removes the diesel particulate filter (DPF) from a diesel-powered system.

The DPF traps dirt particles in emissions so they aren’t released into the atmosphere. Unfortunately, it’s common for the DPF to get clogged.

When this happens, heat builds up in the exhaust system and engine damage can occur.

A clogged or damaged filter will also have to be replaced – and DPF replacement is incredibly expensive (likely to set you back R40,000 or more)!

Why remove the DPF from your diesel vehicle?

Benefits of removing the DPF:

  • protect your vehicle’s engine from damage
  • prevent a need for costly repairs
  • avoid ever having to replace the DPF (very, very expensive!).

DPF clogging is a particular concern in South Africa, where fuel quality is less strictly regulated than in the EU.

In a modern diesel vehicle, any clogging of the DPF may also cause a system warning light to come on and put your vehicle in limp mode. This can prevent you from driving the vehicle normally.

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Using specialised diagnostic systems and tools, our technicians can safely remove EGR and DPF from your vehicle.

They will also reprogram your vehicle’s electronic control unit for optimal engine performance.

Contact us for cost-effective EGR or DPF Delete services in the Western Cape, or to discuss any other issues with your vehicle’s diesel fuel system.

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