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VW Pump Repairs

Why use J.E.G. Diesel as your Volkswagen diesel pump repairs specialist?
  • we’ve been specialising in diesel fuel injection systems since 1971
  • we use only original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts
  • our technicians restore VW pumps to as-new condition, for much less than buying a new pump
  • each reconditioned VW fuel pump comes with a 6 month/10 000 km warranty.

J.E.G. Diesel is part of the Bosch diesel network, with access to the latest test benches, equipment and training.

About Volkswagen pump repairs

What are the signs of a failing Volkswagen fuel pump?

Early warning signs of a faulty fuel pump include:

  • an overheated engine
  • poor engine performance
  • a sudden decrease in power when driving
  • sluggish acceleration
  • misfiring of the engine
  • a loud clicking sound or whining noise when the engine is idling.

If the diesel fuel pump in your Volksie fails completely, the injectors will be starved of fuel. This will cause the engine to stall.

A faulty fuel pump can cause serious engine damage that requires major repairs.

At J.E.G. Diesel, we refurbish VW diesel fuel pumps to as-new condition – at a fraction of the cost of a new pump.

What can cause a VW fuel pump to fail?

A fuel injection system operates in an unyielding, high pressure environment.

In the case of diesel engines, it also acts as a filter system, preventing impurities in the diesel from clogging up the injectors.

When any of the components are not working optimally or fuel levels are consistently maintained at low levels, the fuel pump may malfunction.

Low fuel levels can cause the pump to dry out, erode or fail altogether.

Incorrect current flow to the pump, loose or corroded connectors or a congested fuel injector are among a number of common reasons why a VW diesel fuel pump fails.

Can a faulty VW pump be repaired rather than replaced?

It depends on the condition of the pump. Most often, reconditioning a pump is a reliable option – and much more cost-effective than having to buy a new pump.

At J.E.G Diesel, we use the latest Bosch test benches to diagnose VW fuel system problems.

Our technicians then recommend whichever course of action is the best, for both your vehicle and your pocket book.

Fuel systems in VW diesel engines: how do they differ across models?

VW has developed a range of compression-ignition diesel engines that use unique fuel injection systems.

The SD engine relies on the more dated and less efficient suction diesel injection system.

The SDI is a naturally aspirated engine that uses direct fuel injection, and is notable for its reliability and economical fuel consumption.

The TDI, or Turbocharged Direct Injection, engine initially featured an electronic distributor injection pump, and two stage direct injection.

The system was later changed to a common rail fuel injection system using piezoelectric fuel injectors.

Over the years, VW fuel systems have undergone several modifications and upgrades.

VW TDI models launched after 2000 have a diesel fuel system that uses solenoid-operated unit injectors – known as Bosch Pumpe-Düse technology. This system was upgraded in 2003 to re-incorporate the piezoelectric design.

As of 2009, VW TDI engines feature common rail fuel injectors.

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