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Toyota Turbocharger Repairs

At J.E.G. Diesel, we specialise in servicing and repairing Toyota turbochargers.

Why use J.E.G. Diesel for your Toyota turbo repairs?
  • a certified Bosch Centre with state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment
  • specialist in diesel fuel systems since 1971
  • exclusive use of OEM parts in all turbo repairs
  • 6 month/10 000 km warranty on reconditioned turbochargers.

Don’t wait until a faulty turbocharger damages your engine.

However, also don’t assume that the solution is simply to replace a malfunctioning turbocharger. Often, Toyota turbos fail because of problems elsewhere in the system.

Why you should NOT just immediately replace a malfunctioning Toyota turbocharger

If a turbocharger fails – the turbo housing cracks or turbo seals leak oil, for example – step one should be to determine the reason.

Simply replace a turbocharger and the underlying problem that caused it to malfunction could cause the new turbo to fail also.

If this happens, it will be a costly exercise!

A new Toyota turbocharger costs several thousand rand, at minimum. A Toyota Hilux turbo can set you back over R10,000 – and some dealers offer Range Rover turbos at price tags of R28,000 or even higher.

Instead, have a fuel system specialist, like J.E.G. Diesel, properly diagnose the system.

It may be much cheaper and more effective to repair the root cause of the problem than to fork out for a new turbo.

Common signs of a faulty turbocharger

The signs of a malfunctioning Toyota turbo commonly include:

  • loss of power/difficulty accelerating
  • a loud, whistling or whining noise from the engine
  • distinctive, bluish smoke, which occurs when oil leaks into the exhaust system
  • a noticeable decrease in fuel efficiency.

In modern cars, the Check Engine light may also come on (although this may be for any number of causes).

What are common causes of turbocharger failure?

The most common causes of turbo failure in a Toyota include the following.

  • Insufficient lubrication

The most common cause of turbo failure is a lack of lubrication.

In a turbocharger, the turboshaft spins at extremely high speeds – up to 250,000 rpm – within the bearings. If a turbo doesn’t get enough clean oil of the correct grade, damage will occur (sometimes very quickly).

There may be insufficient lubrication because of an oil pipe that’s coked up or damaged, a faulty oil pump or use of a poor-quality oil.

  • Contaminated oil

Fine particles in contaminated oil can have an abrasive effect, gradually wearing down a turbo’s bearing and shaft and potentially closing oil feed holes.

  • Damage by a foreign object

Because a turbine spins so fast, any foreign particles that enter it can cause extensive damage.

Dust and other debris may enter a turbo via the engine or the compressor inlet. If foreign objects enter the compressor, it may be because of a compromised air filter.

  • Wear and tear

Most Toyota turbochargers have an expected life span of about 150,000 km. After that, they may be more susceptible to damage.

Some driving habits can accelerate normal wear and tear. Examples are prolonged engine idling, hard acceleration when the engine is still cold and hot engine shutdown. After driving at high speed, it’s best to let the engine idle for a minute or two before turning off (although this is less of an issue with modern watercooled turbos).

Can you drive with a bad turbo?

It may be possible – but it’s not wise – to drive a car with a failing or failed turbo.

A malfunctioning turbocharger may leak a lot of engine oil, potentially clogging up the intercooler and causing failure of the seals to the air system.

A blown turbo may also release metallic debris. This can damage valves and cylinder walls, the catalytic converter and the particulate filter.

Don’t risk permanent engine damage. If you suspect a Toyota turbo problem, head to a specialist and have the issue professionally diagnosed.

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