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Nissan Diesel Pump Repairs

Why refurbish your Nissan’s diesel pump with J.E.G. Diesel?
  • our company has been specialising in Nissan diesel fuel injection systems for decades
  • our expert Nissan fuel pump reconditioning and repairs are much more cost-effective than pump replacement
  • ours is the only workshop in the Western Cape using the latest Bosch 815 test benches
  • we use only original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts
  • every Nissan diesel pump we refurbish is extensively tested and comes with a warranty.

Nissan diesel pumps are designed to be reconditioned cost effectively. However, their reliability depends on high-quality parts and work. At J.E.G. Diesel, we maintain the highest standards.

About Nissan diesel pump repairs

What are some typical symptoms of a Nissan diesel pump problem?

Some typical signs of a failing Nissan diesel pump are:

  • a high-pitched sound from the fuel tank
  • difficulty starting the vehicle
  • failure to take off after acceleration
  • engine spluttering, particularly at high speeds
  • engine stalling
  • unusually high fuel consumption.

If your diesel Nissan may have a fuel pump problem, it’s best to have the system checked as soon as possible.

When the fuel pump in a diesel vehicle malfunctions, this will affect the supply of fuel to the engine. Too little or too much fuel may be injected – in either case, causing potentially serious problems.

What causes Nissan fuel pump problems?

Especially with wear and tear, Nissan Navarra fuel pump problems – and pump issues in other diesel Nissans like the NP300 and Patrol – are common.

The fuel systems in modern diesel Nissans have sensitive components that operate under high pressure. These provide high performance but are also prone to clogging.

Even very small amounts of water and other contaminants in fuel can cause issues.

Nissan diesel pumps can also malfunction because of mechanical faults, such as faulty crank or cam sensors or defective fuel pressure regulators, or electrical problems.

How does a diesel fuel injection pump work?

A Nissan fuel pump is controlled by the engine and regulates the supply of fuel to injectors.

The injectors then spray this pressurised fuel into hot, compressed air, causing it to ignite. (In a non-diesel engine, it’s spark plugs that ignite the fuel).

The pump has to supply the right amount of fuel, at the right pressure, for a Nissan diesel engine to function optimally.

If fuel supply stops or falls too low, the engine will stop and may even be permanently damaged.

Is Nissan diesel pump reconditioning a good idea?

A Nissan fuel injection system, including the pump, is designed with the assumption that it will require servicing and, when necessary, reconditioning.

This is much less expensive than paying for a brand new pump. Given decent workmanship and parts, it can perform and last much like a new pump.

Generally, it’s best to trust to an expert technician, who can diagnose the cause of a Nissan fuel supply problem and determine the best, most cost-effective solution.

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