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Mitsubishi Pump Repairs

Why use J.E.G. Diesel as your Mitsubishi diesel pump repairs specialist?
  • providing expert diesel fuel system repairs since 1971
  • warranty-backed reconditioned pumps
  • Bosch test benches
  • fully equipped diesel workshop
  • collections and deliveries of refurbished components
  • economical Mitsubishi diesel pump repair cost.

J.E.G. Diesel is a certified Bosch diesel service centre. Our mission is to provide quality Mitsubishi diesel pump repairs, at the lowest possible price.

About Mitsubishi pump repairs

What are the signs of a damaged Mitsubishi diesel pump?

Symptoms of a defective Mitsubishi fuel pump are:

  • a misfiring or spluttering engine
  • lack of power when accelerating
  • overheating
  • squealing or clicking noises from under the bonnet
  • engine won’t start.

When the vehicle surges, loses power or stalls on climbs, or consumes more fuel than usual, it may be a sign of Mitsubishi diesel pump problems that require immediate attention.

What can cause diesel pump failure in Mitsubishi vehicles?

When the fuel levels in the tank are too low, the fuel injection pump is not sufficiently lubricated.

Air gets into the tank, and accelerates the wear of bearings and other components. As a result, the Mitsubishi diesel pump dries out and malfunctions.

Fuel pumps are susceptible to abrasion, and leaks are common.

When the injector timing is out, the performance of the fuel pump is adversely affected, and ultimately requires repairs.

Do diesel fuel systems vary from one Mitsubishi model to another?

Mitsubishi has developed a range of diesel engines with unique fuel systems.

The Mitsubishi Triton double cab has a diesel injection pump common rail system, while the multi-purpose Mitsubishi ASX features a multi-point fuel injection engine.

The popular Pajero SUV has a direct injection common rail pump. The Pajero’s competitor in the SUV class, the Mitsubishi Outlander, has a high-pressure fuel injection system.

A high-pressure pump (HPP) creates the fuel pressure required for the high-pressure injector to supply the optimum mix of fuel and air directly into the combustion chamber.

As a result, the Mitsubishi Outlander is known for excellent fuel consumption and low carbon emissions.

Are Mitsubishi diesel pump repairs recommended over replacement parts?

Our highly trained technicians base each assessment on exhaustive diagnostic and mechanical testing. Only then will they recommend a suitable modus operandi.

Provided the Mitsubishi diesel pump problems can be isolated, and easily repaired, a diesel pump refurbishment is the most expedient solution.

The Mitsubishi diesel pump repair cost is much cheaper than buying a new pump.

What’s more, J.E.G. Diesel stocks a wide range of reconditioned fuel pumps to enable the quickest possible turnaround time.

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