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Jeep Pump Repairs

Why use J.E.G. Diesel as your Jeep diesel pump repairs specialist?
  • diesel fuel system specialists since 1971
  • state-of-the-art Bosch test benches and diagnostic tools
  • original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts only
  • cost-effective reconditioning of Jeep fuel pumps
  • a 6 month/10 000 km warranty with each refurbished pump.

J.E.G. Diesel is part of the Bosch diesel network, with access to the latest equipment and training. Our technicians focus on saving you money, as well as on what’s optimal for your vehicle.

About Jeep pump repairs

What are the signs of a malfunctioning Jeep fuel pump?

The key indications of a faulty high-pressure Jeep fuel pump are:

  • sporadic loss of power
  • no response when accelerating
  • a surging engine
  • loss of power when driving uphill or towing a load
  • the engine fails to start.

It may also indicate a Jeep fuel supply problem if your engine stalls at high temperatures or you notice a significant increase in fuel consumption.

What are the main causes of fuel pump failure in Jeeps?

Diesel fuel pumps operate under high pressure. This applies particularly to the direct injection fuel pumps in the latest generation Jeep models.

As a result, leaks and malfunctions due to blockages are fairly common.

Factors that can contribute to wear on the fuel pump include:

  • irregular oil changes or use of the wrong type of oil – this can increase wear on the camshaft and affect pump performance
  • imperfect alignment of pump pressures, camshaft position, pressure solenoid position and injector pulses.

How do diesel fuel systems differ across Jeep models?

Whether you drive a Jeep Wrangler YJ, TJ or JK or Grand Cherokee, your vehicle’s fuel supply depends on a complex, sensitive system – one with multiple components that work together under high pressure.

However, there are differences between the models.

For example, the iconic Wrangler Jeep YJ has a mechanical carburated fuel flow system.

The existing fuel injection system was introduced in the Jeep TJ, and later modified to include larger fuel injectors and a re-designed intake manifold, throttle body and cam profile.

The current model, the Jeep Wrangler JK, has a cylinder deactivation feature. It shuts down two engine cylinders at cruising speed to improve fuel efficiency.

Jeep fuel pump – repair or replace?

The age and condition of your Jeep’s fuel pump will determine whether a refurbishment or replacement is the best solution.

Thorough diagnostic testing enables our technicians to give the best advice.

In most cases, Jeep fuel pump refurbishing is a suitable course of action. It’s a lot cheaper than buying a new pump, while still restoring performance to optimum levels.

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