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Hyundai Diesel Injectors

Why refurbish your Hyundai’s diesel injectors with JEG Diesel?
  • we specialise in Hyundai injector repairs
  • our family business has nearly 50 years of experience with diesel injector refurbishment
  • we provide a warranty with each refurbished Hyundai injector or pump
  • our highly decorated, Bosch-certified technicians perform expert diagnosis, servicing, repairs and testing on Hyundai diesel vehicles
  • we rebuild Hyundai diesel injectors to OEM standards in-house, saving you costs.

Hyundai diesel injectors are designed to be refurbished cost effectively. Regular injector servicing can also prevent fuel supply problems, leading to engine damage. However, beware of overly cheap parts and work. At J.E.G. Diesel, we maintain rigorous standards.

About Hyundai diesel injectors

What are the most common Hyundai diesel injector problems?

Normal wear and tear will eventually take its toll on your Hyundai Tucson or Grand i10 diesel injectors.

Look out for the following signs, which may indicate a diesel injector issue:

  • bad fuel economy compared to usual consumption
  • dashboard warning lights
  • bucking and surging
  • sudden stalling and slow acceleration
  • fuel smells and/or smoke.

What happens when a Hyundai diesel injector fails?

Diesel injectors are designed to deliver a steady stream of diesel to the engine. When the injectors become dysfunctional, they may either inject too much or too little fuel into the engine’s cylinders.

This can lead to issues such as loss of power, idling issues or surging.

Over time, diesel injector failure can lead to permanent engine damage or even catastrophic engine failure. For this reason, it’s important to consult a professional if you suspect injector problems with your Hyundai.

What does a typical diesel injector refurbishment process involve?

At J.E.G. Diesel, we start any refurbishment process by running comprehensive tests on the injectors, using specialist equipment. The results allow us to make a proper diagnosis and to recommend the best, most cost-effective way forward.

Depending on diagnostic results, your Hyundai diesel injectors may be cleaned, or replacement components may be used to restore the injectors to their original condition.

We then perform further, comprehensive testing to ensure that nothing has been overlooked, and that your Hyundai injectors perform optimally.

Can I remove and repair my Hyundai diesel injectors at home?

Although online videos may make it look feasible to remove injectors yourself, Hyundai diesel injector repairs should be left to the professionals for several reasons:

  • You won’t be able to perform the same level of testing as a certified technician, and may end up replacing parts that are not responsible for the problem.
  • A number of products on the market contain damaging ingredients. Leave it to a suitably qualified technician to select diesel injector cleaner suited to your Hyundai vehicle.
  • Cheap replacement parts could void your vehicle warranty.

At J.E.G. Diesel, our Bosch-certified technicians use the proper diagnostic tools and processes, and we use parts and products only of the highest quality.

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